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Borland C++ Builder


Borland C++ Builder is an advanced software development system from Borland. It brings together a powerful Integrated Development Environment, the component-oriented philosophy of Borland's award-winning Delphi language, and the industry standard object-orientation of C++. If you are a user of C++ Builder, you know what I mean - and here you will find many hints, tips, methods and philosophies that can help you in your development efforts.

If you are looking for general advice, take a look at Being A Better C++ Builder Developer (3/12/98) for a summary of principles I've derived over 20 years of professional software development.

Join me on an artistic photo tour of Borland and share images of their "campus", the area around it, and the flight back home from California.

For specific tips and techniques, try...

Projects which help you get started with C++ Builder
The Basics
Large issues of using C++ Builder, like patterns and styles of programming.
Ways of programming for specific and general problems.
Techniques and Patterns
Usage and derivation tips, like how to add a combo to a string grid as its editor.
Using Or Adapting Specific Components
Form inheritance, aggregate components, property editors, and other advanced topics.
Advanced Inheritance, Component, And Editor Issues
Multiple threads of execution, synchronization, interthread communication.
Databases and use of the Borland Database Engine
Databases and BDE
Calling on the Windows API, DLLs, and using devices like the serial ports.
Windows API And Devices
Interfacing with MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) and other issues.
Other Programming Libraries
How to work with imported ActiveX controls in C++ Builder.
ActiveX In C++ Builder
DCOM, CORBA, and other ways to spread your system across multiple processors in one or more tiers.
Multi-tier And Distributed Systems
Things you should know that didn't need an entire article to talk about.
Quick Tips
Going up the ladder to a more recent C++ Builder version? Here are some tips that can make the process easier.

Join the Borland C++Builder newsgroups for on-line interaction with the experts. Or visit the main Borland website for links to various other C++ Builder resources.

The Book

Mark Cashman, creator of The Temporal Doorway, is one of the authors of the authoritative C++Builder 6 book. You can order the book through Amazon.com.

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