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UFO Related Links


This is not a random collection of links to anything on the subject of UFOs. To be eligible for this link collection, a page must contribute something unique to the scientific study of unidentified flying objects.

Some web sites have widely varied content and interests. Each link has an editor's note, indicating the degree to which the link is endorsed.

If you think you have a link which should be here, or you have trouble reaching any of the links, please contact me.


The Condon Report On-Line - Edward U. Condon, et. al.;The classic report which ended the Air Force's work on UFOs. Though heavily bulked with irrelevant data, the Condon Committee's failure to explain 30% of the reports examined, and the declaration by some of the authors that particular cases were definitely unidentifiable, make this an important report for anyone interested in the subject. Includes Hartmann's original analysis of the Trent photos from McMinnville Oregon. Uncropped and enlarged images are available.

The Sturrock Report, Journal of Scientific Exploration - An important milestone, this report is a recent effort to have UFO data examined by mainstream scientists. Those scientists came away convinced that UFOs do deserve scientific scrutiny.

UFOlogy I, James M. McCampbell, Director of Research, 1975-93 Mutual UFO Network - This is an excellent book length presentation of science-oriented thinking on what UFO reports represent as an objectively existent phenomenon. Consider purchasing UFOlogy II, from the same author.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee's 1976 CUFOS Symposium articles on the Trent Photos - out of print since 1976, these are the most recent detailed studies on these highly regarded UFO photos.

Computer UFO Network is hosting Barry Greenwood's UFO Historical Review - Barry has been a pioneer in obtaining FOIA documents from the US government, and now produces an interesting historical journal.

Research Organizations, Researchers, Research Results

Project 1947, John Stepkowski(webmaster) - Many catalogs and other information of interest from this archival research effort coordinated by Jan Aldrich.

Project Sign Research Center, Wendy Connors - Wendy knows more about the state of research in the early period of ufology than just about anyone - visit her site for details on Project Sign and its personnel.

The Fund For UFO Research - This site makes available the various research reports funded by the organization. While there is a heavy emphasis on abduction research, there are also other papers of interest available. Visit the publications page to obtain reasonably priced copies of Fund sponsored research.

Sign Historical Research Group - An association of historians and serious UFO researchers with a variety of perspectives, the Sign Historical Research Group specializes in documenting the history of the UFO phenomenon, especially with regard to the people, events, and studies which make up that history. Make sure to get a copy of the SHG UFO History Workshop, which includes a paper by Mark Cashman on the Project 1947 EM Effects catalog and many other interesting and thought provoking works by authors including Jan Aldrich, Jerome Clark, Michael Swords, and many others.

Rebuttals To Skepticism

Science, Logic, and the UFO Debate, Brian Zeiler and Jean van Gemert - This is a top caliber site with excellent original source reports of historically significant sightings, analyses by scientists such as Hynek, McDonald, and Maccabee, and well-expressed context from the page owners. The Trent Photos helps to set the record straight on the photos the Condon Report accepted as a genuine UFO, and which were later cast into doubt by skeptics Robert Shaeffer and Philip Klass. The RB47 Case and the Lakenheath Case are two of the most important radar / visual cases ever reported, and are here in full, original detail.

The Research Of Jerry Cohen, Jerry Cohen - Jerry has created some excellent rebuttals to skeptical theories of specific UFO cases. He has also provided some documents from J. Allen Hynek and Dr. James McDonald concerning cases which they had investigated.

Case Collections And In-Depth Case Examinations

*U* Database, Larry Hatch - If you own one piece of software related to UFOs, this extensive and well-checked database should be the one - 17,000+ entries, extensive statistical and mapping capabilities.

NICAP, Francis Ridge - A highly experienced field investigator and investigations coordinator preserves the "nuts and bolts" perspective of the original National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (now defunct) with this collection of literature and "best evidence" cases.

National UFO Reporting Center, Peter Davenport - The ultimate reference for UFO reports in the United States. A good place to call when you see something...

Daniel Gunther's Just The Cases UFO Database - an excellent new cataloging effort.

The "Skiesare" UFO Page, John 'Skies' Gilbert - Detailed discussion and debate on the controversial Gulf Breeze sightings and photos. Includes a number of interesting and important items such as Bruce Maccabee's rebuttal to Barbara Becker's critique of the case, discussion of the Hyzer photo analysis, commentary on the accusations made by Tommy Smith, and the story of the infamous model.


I am an agnostic on the subject of abductions. There is evidence worthy of attention, but there are also serious problems of methodology. Greg Sandow offers an excellent balance of commentary on this difficult subject. Greg tells me to warn you his UFO section is under construction. I doubt you'll notice, though.

Link Collections

These sites are primarily link collections. They contain links to areas of interest, but not all of their links may be to sites oriented on the scientific study of UFOs. The field of UFO study is diverse, and some researchers and "enthusiasts" take a mystical or unduly conspiratorial approach to the subject. I do not endorse such approaches, and anyone visiting the sites listed below does so with the understanding that some of the links at the sites listed may represent opinions on the subject of UFOs which I and other reputable researchers consider to be nonsense.

UFOmind UFO Master Index, Glenn Campbell - This is the most comprehensive link collection, with contextual information on people involved with the UFO phenomenon, events, and links to research reports. Visit the Topics page to see the contents of the site clustered by topic (i.e. sightings, physics and propulsion, effects, photos, etc). Visit the Locations page for information on sightings by location. Users can add their own links to the pages, and thus contribute information to this constantly growing resource.

UFO Links, Brian Cuthberson - A wide variety of links. Note that some of these may link to fringe websites which do not represent the scientific view of UFO research.

Investigative Organization Sites

MUFON.com Home of the Mutual UFO Network
MUFON CT Supported by the webmaster of The Temporal Doorway; a comprehensive source of current and historical reports from Connecticut.
CUFOS The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies
BUFORA The British UFO Research Organization

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