t e m p o r a l 
 d o o r w a y 

View From A Height


View From A Height


This image was created with Bryce and Carrara. The landscape and contrail were done with Bryce and the leaf / water drop with Carrara.

This image combines a number of themes that I have wanted to use for years. Of course, frequently recurring in my work is the theme of the combination of technology and nature. Originally, my concept was for there to be some sort of balloon touring the area, but as the development of the image progressed, I decided that the aircraft with contrail was more appropriate.

The texture applied to the ground suggests a vast flood centered on the mesa, which made the foamy water texture, very similar to that of a mineral spring, highly appropriate.

I have always liked the idea of a hollow mountain. When I was taking flight training, one of my flights was over a large hill that contained a reservoir. Even before that, as a child, I had often drawn images of the surface of a world that was studded with openings filled with columns - in many ways similar to the look of this mesa.

A brief tutorial on the making of this image is in the Workshop.

In addition, the mesa image is used in both Crossing Traffic and Below Traffic.

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