Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Matters

SEO is DEAD – Really?
Recently it has been modern to say SEO is dead, not working yada yada yada…
The truth of the matter is that Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing has improved dramatically their algorithms, with one goal in mind – to deliver the final click.
What does this really mean? Thy want to deliver high quality relevant results for any search so that they can keep their users happy so that they can sell ads.

It has actually become more easy to do seo as most of the so called seo agencies and experts don’t even have a clue what is happening as they usually are in the business to make money so they outsource their work to India or Pakistan. And they end up hurting or even penalizing their clients sites.

On the contrary with your SEO and web design in mind, if you just focus on the user and deliver a solution to a problem that the searcher is looking to solve that changes the whole game. This way you don’t work against Google you rather work with Google and deliver solution not spam.